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Welcome to  Guimond-Auger private clinic.
Your mental health care experts

(no medical reference required)

  • Are you unable to make an appointment with your family doctor and are you wondering about your mental health?

  • You have problems at work; Are you exhausted to the point where your daily functioning is impaired and you need a break?

  • Does your child's school make you notice a certain turbulence and lack of concentration? Or maybe you're wondering about possible ADHD for you?

  • Do you notice an increase in your stress and anxiety which makes it more and more difficult for you to manage your responsibilities?

  • Don't you understand why your emotions are on a roller coaster daily and you often react quickly and impulsively?

  • Are you unable to fall asleep or stay asleep? Have insomnia?

This is just one sample with which the clinic can help you. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

"I burst into tears. I have a weakness for this expression. We never burst from hunger or cold. On the other hand, we burst into laughter or sobbing. There are feelings which justify bursting into pieces"

- Albert Espinosa





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