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 Valérie Guimond founded the clinic with the vision of offering a welcoming and caring space where everyone can find the support necessary to cultivate lasting mental well-being. She aspires to provide personalized care full of empathy and understanding to help her clients overcome life's challenges and regain emotional balance.

Valérie Guimond

Valérie Guimond graduated from the nursing program at the University of Montreal in 2013. From the beginning of her professional process, she developed a significant interest in mental health. She then decided to continue her academic journey by completing graduate training in mental health and psychiatry at the University of Quebec and then completing the nurse practitioner program specialized in mental health (IPSSM). She then graduated among the top ten IPSSM in Quebec in 2019.


Professionally, Valérie has mainly worked in mental health care environments and directly with clients. She has developed significant experience with adult clients suffering from a variety of problems in working in an outpatient psychiatric clinic for several years and then in a detention facility. She has been practicing in the private sector since January 2020.


Valérie wants to support her patients in their recovery process to help them overcome their suffering. She developed an expertise with people with burnout, personality disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders.

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